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Quebec State and Society

Quebec State and Society

Alain-G. Gagnon (ed.)
Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 2004, 500 p.

Québec : State and Society, third edition acts as a mirror to a society that continues to transform itself, that adjusts to changes taking place on the international scene, while providing an understanding of Québec’s unique experience within the world. This completely revised edition is composed of twenty-two original and comprehensive essays on key issues and themes that constitute present-day Québec politics, written by prominent and widely published specialists in areas as diverse as political science, sociology, economics, demography, and history. As a result, this book provides a full account the historical and contemporary Québec environment and offers premises for developments to come.

This edition distinguishes itself by proposing five main themes for surveying the Québec condition, each with its own section. The first of these, “Québec Today : Memory, Identity, and Pluralism”, contains essays on historical and contemporary identity narratives and counter-narratives in Québec, including aboriginal/state debates. “Governance” explores issues of Québec public administration, business-government relations, and federal and international relations. “Political Parties and Social Movements” discusses a series of fundamental questions on the role exercised by the various elements of civil society in Québec, ranging from the relevance of political parties to the diversity of social movements. “Education, Language, and Immigration” delves into developments in long-standing issues at the heart of the challenge of pluralism in Québec. “Territoriality, Globalization, and International Relations” tackles questions faced by every contemporary society and proposes new arenas for research for Québec.

Comments :

“Québec : State and Society is, quite simply, the most comprehensive and informative book on social and political life in Québec now available. The chapters, written elegantly by some of the best scholars now working on Québec, cover an enormous range of issues from nationalism and identity to Québec’s place in a changing global economy. Each chapter brims with important insights and stimulating analysis. For scholars, policymakers, or anyone interested in understanding where Québec has been and where it’s headed, Québec : State and Society is a must-read.” – Marc Levine, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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