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Contemporary Canadian Federalism : Foundations, Traditions, Institutions

Contemporary Canadian Federalism : Foundations, Traditions, Institutions

Alain G. Gagnon
Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 2009.

First published in French in 2006, Le fédéralisme canadien contemporain was immediately recognised as the most comprehensive collection of reflections on Canadian federalism by leading Québécois scholars. This remarkable translation of a range of Québécois voices makes their insightful and underrepresented perspectives available to English-language audiences.

Offering alterative views of the Canadian federal model’s realities by covering its foundations, traditions, and institutions, Contemporary Canadian Federalism considers the ways in which federalism relates to issues such as regionalism, multiculturalism, rights and freedoms, financial distribution, and public policy. Filled with stimulating work that bridges the gap between distinctive traditions in English- and French-Canadian scholarship on federalism, this important volume is required reading for understanding provincial/federal relations and Canadian governance.

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